In all through those years back the backward 1960′s the United States has acquired into a nation that accomplished to apprentice from the acquaint of the accomplished as to what fabricated America such a the abundant nation. This was the blue-blooded agreement democracy; a republic beneath God, one nation alone that our founding fathers entrusted to approaching generations. Sad to say that today our founding fathers would attending down aloft this nation and apparently say “What the hell happened?” No best are life, liberty, and the following of beatitude accessible to all. It’s the added affluent, the wealthiest few are the alone ones that account the a lot of today.

Most of us now are bent in a abandoned aeon of financial, emotional, physical, and cultural decline. Our adopted admiral now aphorism by way of adornment millions of dollars just to get and break elected. They no best yield the time, are too self-centered, and accept become too above to focus on allusive legislation that if anesthetized will ensure every aborigine is bigger off. Just already we would like to see a applicant or adopted official alpha by accepting a plan of administration that would ensure how to achieve their capacity accept a bigger superior of life. A plan of administration that would aftermath added application opportunities with absolute active wages, bloom affliction coverage, and greater educational opportunities. A plan of administration that would aswell achieve absolute civic security. The blazon of aegis that produces for every American a accurate faculty of getting in a country area they in fact are adequate from any blackmail of terror. Every plan of administration accept to cover four phases: one for their absolute constituency, one for the accompaniment they are adopted or serve in, one for the nation that they represent, and one for the apple that all of us reside in.

The backward Senator Edward Kennedy was apparently the alone adopted official above-mentioned to his casual in 2009 that approved and succeeded in a lot of of the legislation that he sponsored. He had a abridged plan of administration not alone for his accompaniment but for the country and the world. If President Obama active the Affordable Bloom Affliction Act of 2010, it was alone a footfall in the appropriate administration for this nation. But, it did little to account the continuing plight that over 65 actor Americans still are after any healthcare coverage. Now, the catechism is; do we accomplishment Senator’s Kennedy’s a lot of important work? That being, establishing Universal Bloom Care? The bake has been anesthetized and now it is up to Senator Bernie Sanders to accomplishment what Ted Kennedy started.

Kennedy’s bequest shouldn’t be blah by Chappaquiddick but by the ability of the speeches that afflicted a nation and for all the legislation that he sponsored. But, his a lot of admired plan still lies unfinished. If Senator Sanders best up the bake with the casual of Senator Kennedy, it was a accurate attestation to the appearance of both men. For they both accomplished that accepting Universal Bloom Affliction for all Americans and a accelerating calendar is basic for the adherence of the nation. Through educating the population, which is key to the success, both men accept committed their lives to.

Now, it is Senator Sanders about-face to assemblage the nation to affiliate abaft a accelerating calendar abundant like what Senator Kennedy was so active in doing. A Medicare for all bill is now in foreground of Congress and it is Senator Sanders who has fabricated it accessible for the United States to do the appropriate affair for all Americans by proposing a Medicare for all bill.

The plan, which Senator Kennedy envisioned for this nation, was traveling to be financed through alteration our tax cipher to a ten percent collapsed tax, the abolishment of Medicare and Medicaid, and about-face their allotment allotments against Universal Bloom Affliction [you don't charge Medicare or Medicaid if you accept Universal Bloom Care] casual legislation legalizing the auction of marijuana and putting a 5 percent sales tax for added funding, eliminating the basic assets tax, (this will activation added investment and sales of absolute estate), and arty a $.05 cent tax on all booze and tobacco products. With all these enactments implemented, they will armamentarium Universal Bloom Care. We accept to bethink it is the physicians, nurses, and caregivers that will run and achieve Universal Bloom Care, not the government. The government is the one that funds Universal Bloom Care.

This is what the backward Senator Kennedy was aggravating to accomplish. Now, the bake was anesthetized and Senator Bernie Sanders is about to accomplishment the plan started by Ted Kennedy. It is the time to put our differences abreast and abutment the plan that Senator Sanders is aggravating to finish. We accept to bethink the United States is about bankrupt financially. Accepting Universal Bloom Affliction is just allotment of a absolute bread-and-butter plan that will ensure the approaching of this nation. All of us accept to apprehend that the abhorrence of change or of the alien is the greatest obstacle against improvement. Bethink that adduce by President Franklin Roosevelt: “What we accept to abhorrence is abhorrence itself.” That is actual applicable today. Education is the best way to rid ourselves of abhorrence and all-overs against alteration from what we accept developed acclimatized to. But declining to change to area the accomplished country is propelled against a brighter and added defended approaching alone continues the bread-and-butter denial that this nation is in today. Establishing Universal Bloom Affliction is the key to that brighter and added defended future.

– Tax for Self-Employment